Personal Trainer and Motivator

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Professional Fitness Training

Your potential is limitless.

(Training in San Antonio and surrounding areas) 

     I got into personal training because I have a passion for helping others improve themselves.  When I began one-on-one fitness training in 1990, I was already  spending much of my time seriously  training myself. I soon realized how fulfilling it was, not only to maintain my own physical fitness and healthy lifestyle, but to share that knowledge and lifestyle with others.  I enjoyed it so much I made it my lifelong  career. 
     It is my goal to help each client feel good about themselves,  attain their fitness goals, and hold themselves to a higher standard.  I am genuinely concerned for, and honest with my clients.  I am totally invested in the personal success of each of you. 
     I train all ages and fitness levels.  It is the improvement  that is the most satisfying.  I just love experiencing that with people. 

 Carlo Martinez

Physically Training and
Mentally Motivating Individuals in the
San Antonio area
for over 25 years.

Tips & Advice

1. GET IN SHAPE NOW! You're going to need Courage to commit and Focus to finish.

This is not a daunting task.  It's an exciting challenge. You deserve it!  

2.  Eat for sustenance 80% of the time and pleasure 20% of the time.  

Your body is an incredible gift. If you take care of it, it will take care of you.

3.  Getting in shape takes knowledge and effort. Proper training technique and better eating habits always  produce desirable results.  And that's FUN!

Research alone or learn from an expert and start having fun!

4.  Who told you that it's okay to be out of shape? Are you being conned? 

Convenience is overrated and fast food restaurants are getting rich!